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ABCAR Trailers - Manufacturers of Box Trailers and Boat Trailers in Mackay.

The ABCAR range of trailers are designed as strong, low cost, hot dipped galvanised trailers ideal for the home handyman, business and industry. The range includes single axle unbraked box trailers, single axle braked box trailers, tandem box trailers and unbraked boat trailers.

ABCAR Trailers and Mackay Trailers are part of Mackay Containers Pty Ltd.. For over 20 years, Mackay Trailers have been the market leader supplying trailers to residents, business and industry throughout the Mackay Region and Queensland. This experience and desire to supply low cost, high quality trailers led us to introduce our own line of trailers- ABCAR Trailers.. The costs are reduced by having the welding and galvanising done before the frames are transported to Mackay in bulk and the assembly and quality control done on site as required.

Models currently available are :-

ABCAR 1000 box trailers

ABCAR 2000 Tandem box trailers

ABCAR boat trailers

What makes the ABCAR trailers so good is that they have been designed specifically with Mackay’s tropical conditions in mind, drawing on our years of customer feedback and knowledge gained from being locally owned and operated. To the casual observer all box trailers may look the same or similar but often it is the little details that can't be seen that make the difference. Like the extra reinforcing on a drawbar at the high stress point so that the drawbar is strong but light, or the extra bush in the suspension to reduce wear. These designs result in a tough, durable trailer that will challenge more expensive trailers for strength and long life.

Every ABCAR box trailer model comes with these features as standard:

-           Hot Dip Galvanised
-           Heavy Duty Checker Plate
-           Fully welded body with 2.5mm floor
-           Front & Rear opening Tailgates, both removable
-           Front , Rear and Side tie rails
-           Australian Standard Heavy Duty Coupling and Safety Chain
-           New 14” Sunraysia Rims with new Tyres
-           Ford Stud Pattern
-           Protected LED Tail-lights


We also offer optional extras such as a brand new spare rim/tyre and strong hot dip galvanised cage to suit all models.

The ABCAR Trailer series is the new standard in quality & value and will provide peace of mind to every owner, even if you loan it to your friends!”

Our team are dedicated in providing the best trailer solutions to meet all your individual needs.

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